Variants of Stud Poker

Stud Poker

Stud Poker has ancient origins compared to the more common Texas Hold’em. It was already being played in the 1700’s with 3 cards, but it became more popular with the 5 card version proposed a century later when soldiers played 5 Card Stud during the endless days of war.

Despite being a very popular game and not second to Texas Hold’em, Stud Poker has very different characteristics. 

As just mentioned, this type of game has several variations. The structure of each of them differs greatly from that of Texas Hold’em, in fact, if in the first game we find ourselves with some personal cards in hand and other common cards on the table, in Stud there are no common cards. Furthermore, in Stud there is no blind but rather the ante. In fact, at the start of the hand all players pay the ante, all pouring the same amount into the pot. Depending on the type of Stud, the cards are then dealt.

The variations of Stud Poker, or at least the most famous and recognised worldwide, are Seven Card Stud, Five Card Stud, Caribbean Stud, Canadian Stud and Telesina. Although Five Card Stud has long been the most popular version, in recent decades Seven Card Stud has seen an increase in success and therefore we want to take a few minutes to talk about this type of poker that we can find in the best online casinos.

Seven Card Stud Poker

The Seven Card Stud is a poker game and variant of Stud, which is played with seven cards. Of these cards, 4 are face-up and 3 are face-down. Of the 7 cards dealt, players can use five of them to achieve the best possible combination. In this game you bet big bet and small bet.

How to play Stud Poker for real money

Poker is a game that fascinates players all over the world thanks to its many variations, the simplicity of its rules and the combination of tactics and luck. We know that Seven Cards Stud is the most common version of Stud Poker and is in fact one of the most played in the best Online Casinos in the world.

In order to play this game, we definitely recommend trying the free version first. Since the cash bets increase according to the bets of other players, the advice is to try it for free. In this game you need to have the right mastery of the game to hope to win so you need a minimum of experience to start playing for real money.

You don’t need to be an engineer or a mathematician, the Online Casino will do all the calculations on your winnings for you, but it is still important to understand how much money to wager based on experience. In this case we recommend the Live Poker version only to those who are experienced with the game in land-based casinos and who have already practiced with real money in the best Online versions.

Stud Poker has ancient origins compared to the more common Texas Hold’em. It was already being played in the 1700’s…

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