Principles of Responsible Gambling: Important Rules for Gamblers

Responsible Gambling

Gambling is fun if you treat it responsibly. Otherwise, gamblers may encounter rather unpleasant consequences. So what can you do to make sure that doesn’t happen?

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Rules of Responsible Gambling for Players

Rules for Gamblers

Every player should know the basic rules for organizing their own gambling process. Their implementation will help protect them from the negative consequences of irresponsible gambling, including gambling addiction. Here is a list of the main principles of responsible gaming:

  • Only adults can play gambling. 
  • It should be understood that gambling is only entertainment. If a person shows an unhealthy interest in the game or considers a casino to be the main source of his/her income – one should not play.
  • Players should be prepared for the fact that they can lose and lose money. This is only part of the gambling process. There is no need to bet too much money, money the loss of which will negatively affect the quality of life or credit funds.
  • The player must set his own limits – to determine the maximum amount that can be spent without negative consequences, and the maximum amount of time that can be spent in the casino. Going beyond the established limits is categorically not recommended.
  • In the case of a loss, you should not try to win back. An ill-considered attempt to recoup expenses may increase them.
  • Gambling is not a way to distract yourself from your problems or to “forget”. It is necessary to keep a cool mind and common sense while gambling. That is why gambling is not allowed for people under the influence of alcohol and drugs, as well as those who are depressed or in a depressed mood.

What Do Casinos Do to Promote Responsible Gambling?

Responsible gambling is a concern not only for the players but also for the real and virtual establishments that provide access to gambling. Therefore, casinos, for their part, must also adhere to certain principles:

  • Mandatory player identification procedure, with the help of which it is possible to limit gambling minors.
  • Giving users the opportunity to determine their own betting limit or refuse to play. If a player notices an unhealthy attitude towards gambling, he may contact the administration or support service of the casino. They will set the maximum amount that can be spent in a certain period of time, block the player’s online account or put his name on the blacklist of visitors.
  • Providing access to statistical data, so that the player can track how much time he spends in the casino and what amounts he spends. To get this information should also contact the administration or customer support casino.
  • Publication of information about the principles of responsible gaming and organizations that help combat cheating, in a separate section of the site, or in the premises of the real gambling establishment.

Gambling is fun if you treat it responsibly. Otherwise, gamblers may encounter rather unpleasant consequences. So what can you do…

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