Golden Eggs: the hen may indeed have golden eggs

Easter scratch cards

Easter rhymes with surprise. In this case, however, chocolate has nothing to do with it. But there is a surprise, though: not in eggs, but behind a scratch-off coating. We’ve said that the surprise is not in the eggs. This is partly true. For our Easter Scratch cards reports we start with Golden Eggs. You can win the prizes by finding 3 eggs of the same colour. And if you find the golden egg, you immediately win the maximum prize ($2,000).

But let’s get into the details of Golden Eggs, analysing how the game, available for mobile, works. The price of the game is $2. You are greeted by a wooden hen house with 25 nests, in each of which a hen is squatting. At the top of the building, at each column of nests, an amount is indicated: $2, $5, $10, $20, $50. Also on the right of the hen house, at each row of nests, amounts are indicated: 100$, 200$, 500$, 1.000$, 2.000$.

Continuing to explore the game interface, there are two important sections at the bottom: 

  • The box marked “YOU ARE WINNING” shows the amount of money you have won during the game;
  • The circle with the symbol “?” gives access to the game instructions.
  • How to play Golden Eggs Scratch Card Online
  • It is now time to find out how to play Golden Eggs online. There are two ways:
  • Automatic display of the game stages and the outcome of the game by clicking on the “DISCOVER NOW” box;
  • Interaction: click on each of the 25 hens to make them stand up and discover what they are hiding.

If 3 eggs of the same colour (white, beige, pink or orange) are found in the same column or row of nests, you win a prize equal to the amount corresponding to that column or row. Let’s take a concrete example: if you find 3 eggs of the same colour in the second row of nests, starting from the bottom, you win a prize of $200.

It doesn’t end there. If on one of the winning columns or rows of nests (i.e. with 3 eggs of the same colour) you also find a chick marked with a multiplier, you win a prize. This is equal to the amount corresponding to the winning column or row of nests multiplied by the value indicated by the chick (X2, X5, X10). If, for example, on the third column of nests, starting from the left, you have found 3 eggs of the same colour and a chick with the multiplier X5, you win a prize equal to the amount of the winning column ($10) multiplied by the value of the multiplier indicated by the chick (X5), i.e. a prize of $50.

If, on the other hand, a golden egg is found inside one of the nests, you win the maximum prize of $2,000. Remember that since this is a low end category of winnings, less than or equal to 10,000, it is credited directly to your gaming account.

Conquest of the Treasure: 5 castles and the mystery of as many treasures

In the large family of scratch cards, the Conquest of the Treasure is an original proposal. Not only because it is one of the latest arrivals, but also and above all because it is the first multi-flex game. What does that mean? In short, that you can choose how you play (online).

Moreover, you can take advantage of the new game options available and enjoy an even more immersive experience. Immersed, as the name suggests, in a medieval atmosphere. With this new Scratch Card, launched at the end of 2020, almost $1,700,000 has been won so far. The maximum prize is $100,000.

If you want to know more, you can read the news from last November in which we talked about the new Scratch Card.

How to play Conquer the Treasure

Let’s now analyse how to play Treasure Hunt. In brief:

  • You have to choose the game from the 5 available and its prices ($1, $2, $5, $10, $20). 
  • After selecting the game with the purchase price and purchasing the game, you access the main game screen. The game area consists of: 4 “Winning Numbers”, 15 “YOUR NUMBERS” distributed over 3 rows, each consisting of 5 squares.

The “Winning Numbers” and “Your Numbers” must be revealed: if you find 1 or more “Winning Numbers” or “Your Numbers”, you win the amount or the sum of the corresponding amounts. Once the “Winning Numbers” and “Your Numbers” are revealed, the game ends. 

Not only castles and shields. As you play, you will also come across AMPOLLEs. These are, in fact, multipliers. For example, with the green bulb, you win the corresponding amount multiplied by X5. The red ampoule multiplies X10, the yellow ampoule X20 and the orange ampoule X50. The SACK OF MONEY gives you $50, $250 or $500.

Easter rhymes with surprise. In this case, however, chocolate has nothing to do with it. But there is a surprise,…

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