Types of darts bets

betting on darts

Knowing well the types of bets offered on darts is very important because it can allow you to vary your game and implement winning strategies. For this reason, we have decided to select four types of bet that are characteristic of this discipline and to try to explain them, also providing some examples of how the bet in question can be played.


darts winning

The Winning market is a great sports betting classic. In darts, players play against each other two at a time in a tree-based board that goes all the way to the final. There is no possibility of a draw and you can only bet on which of the two players will win the match.


Handicap is a type of bet where one of the two players, the one who on paper is favoured, must win by obtaining a point spread over his opponent which is greater than the gap given to him by the bookmaker.

Largest number of 180

A very popular market among darts bettors is undoubtedly the one called Major Number of 180. This type requires you to predict which of the two players will make three more throws of triple twenties (the maximum achievable in a single throw round) over the course of a 501 game. A draw option is provided.

  • Example: Let’s take a World Matchplay match between Daryl Gurney and Steve West as an example. The odds for Gurney’s Most 180 are 1.72, West’s is 2.60 and the draw is 7.00. If you bet on Gurney, your bet will only win if the athlete of your choice scores three triple 20s more times than your opponent.
  • Usage: This market can be useful in matches like the one we have taken as an example, where we consider the odds of the favourite to be too low: thanks to the draw option, Gurney’s odds go from 1.36 in the Winner’s market to 1.72 in the Most 180 market.

9 dart finish Yes/No

The 9 dart to finish Yes/No market is perhaps one of the most fascinating that the sport has to offer. The 9 dart finish is also known as the perfect game and involves closing a game of 501 with just 9 throws. It is an event that does not happen very often and usually only the great champions manage to achieve it.

Live darts betting and the presence of streaming

The great popularity of darts in the UK has led to a number of bookmakers from the British Isles covering the sport’s events very well. Bookmakers of origin have also adapted to this trend, and the offer, including live betting on darts, has become very interesting.

In fact, it is not difficult to find events that are also covered by video streaming services, especially regarding the five most important tournaments of the season. The best darts betting sites offer graphic animations of the events, complete with precise live updated statistics, so that all users who want to bet live can get an idea of how the event is going.

Knowing well the types of bets offered on darts is very important because it can allow you to vary your…

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