Basic Rules on How to Play French Roulette

French Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular games at BetAmo casino. Most often users choose American, French or European versions. And the French version is the most popular. Here is how this game works.

How Betting Positions Are Evaluated

According to the rules of French roulette, different types of bets can be taken. Each of the participants before starting the roulette wheel must decide how many chips to put on the line. There are 37 sectors to choose from, starting from 0 and ending with the 36th number. When choosing a position for one number, the payout is made as a percentage of 36 to 1. This is the most valuable winning position.

Each user in the online game has the opportunity to bet money not only on one sector but also on several sectors. But in this case, the payout ratio of winning positions decreases. For example, when betting on two numbered positions, the winning ratio is equal to 17:1.

If the gambler bets on a combination of three numbers, the winning accruals will be 11:1. Thus, the more sectors the playing chips will be placed in, the less the winnings are supposed to be. In total, a maximum of 12 betting fields can be occupied. In this situation, the payouts are paid in the ratio of 2:1. Naturally, the biggest money prize is provided when guessing one number where the ball will stop.

If the visitor does not want to risk his own savings, it is recommended to open a demo version of the slot. So, players become more familiar with all the requirements of the game, can develop their own plan of conduct during the party, and prepare for the future full gameplay for real money.

The Nuances of French Roulette

online French Roulette

Besides the fact that players can bet on the numerical values of the fields, in the French version of the game, you can also knock out sectors with even or odd numbers or bet on the color (red/black).

Also, note the rules of En Prison and La Partage.

En Prison applies to equal odds bets which are considered to be the most popular bets. If a player bets on even odds (e.g., red or odd) and the roulette wheel drops zero, two options are possible:

  • The player returns half of the bet and loses the other half.
  • The player leaves the bet in the same place for the next round. If in the next round, the ball stops on the zero sector or any other sector, which does not cover the bet, the player loses it permanently. If it falls on the sector on which the player bets, the bet is returned.

The second rule, called La Partage, is actually a variation of the first and applies only to bets on equal chances. This rule is that when the roulette wheel hits the zero sector, the player loses 50% of his bet – and he has no other options (for example, to leave the bet for the next spin).

Roulette is one of the most popular games at BetAmo casino. Most often users choose American, French or European versions.…

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